ART STUDIES: University of Art and Design: watercolor courses 1993 Staircase Academy several summers 1980 - 1984 under Pentti Hammarberg

Forssa Adult Education Center: oil painting technology 1979, 1980 and 1981 Kuhankoski Kilta fishing course Graphic workshop, aquatint course 1984

RESEARCH TRIPS: Studio of the Finnish Artists' Association Studio Foundation in Grassina, Italy, December 2009


Forssa: Pohjola Insurance Company 1983

Tammela: Municipal House 1993

Tammela: Municipal House 2005

Hansaprint Oy, Vantaa 2006 (over 1⁄2 year)

Tammela: Municipal House 2008

Telephone in the Forssa region, May 2009

Hovinkartano, Tuulos, summer 2009

Forssa Museum, Lobby Gallery November 2017 (Finland Finland 100 exhibition)

Forssa Library, exhibition space Vinkkeli, November 2019

Jokioinen Information Center, exhibition space Pehkonen, July-August 2020

Forssa Library, exhibition space Vinkkeli, March 2022

Lounais-Hämeen pirtti, june-july 2022

JOINT EXHIBITIONS IN FINLAND: Joint exhibitions of Kuhankoski Kilta since 2007

Mediatori Sanomatalo, Helsinki, October 2009

Ars Häme 10, Kuhankoski guild exhibition in the former sewing of Kutomo, August 2010

Art Häme '14, Forssa, August 2014

Parola Youth House, Hämeenlinna, June 2015, Tammela artists

Gallery Fogga, Helsinki, June 2017

WORKS IN PUBLIC PREMISES: Tammela Forssa Print / Forssan Lehti

The municipality of Tammela has several works

WORKS IN COLLECTIONS: Several public portraits

TASKS: As a teacher of visual arts, eg Forssa School of Fine Arts 2010 - 2012

In the summer courses of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Tammela as a teacher in 2006 - 2014

Delivery of Tammela's art book in 2008-2009

As the exhibition curator of Tammela municipality in 2007-2013

Art Häme as the organizer of the Art Week event in 2010 and 2014

ASSOCIATION ACTIVITIES: Memberships: Kuhankoski Guild, Chairman of the Board 2008 - 2015 SKJL, Finnish Association of Art Organizations and Tammela Artists


Soili Mahlanen Järvitie 6, 31300 TAMMELA tel: 040 5792498